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Prospecting With Seminars—How to Fill Up the Seminar Room Every Time

Second in a series

Larry Klein, CPA,MBA
Certified Retirement Financial Advisor™

Want to construct a winning seminar invitation? I have discovered (after 13 years of experiments and $150,000) that a winning seminar invitation--one that fills the room with qualified attendees--has three components:

  • An emotionally grabbing title
  • Emotionally compelling specific bullet points
  • Biography of a speaker that attendees want to hear

Let’s discuss item two, bullet points. While a strong title will capture your reader’s attention, the bullet points sell your prospect on attending the seminar. The more compelling your bullet points, the larger your audience.

Although your invitation will be to attract retail clients, here’s an example of some bullet points aimed at financial planners:

Title: “Open 15 New Accounts Every Month”


  • How I Built a $50 Million Book Doing One Seminar a Month
  • Secrets Of Making Your Seminars Consistently Profitable
  • Pack The Seminar Room Every Time
  • See More Prospects Face to Face in 90 Minutes than You Can Qualify by Phone in a Month
  • Know The 6 Critical Factors of Seminar Success
  • The Error On Your Invitation Which Cuts Attendance in HALF!
  • One Small Change to Any Invitation Which Boosts Attendance By 25% !
  • Seminar Topics To Never Discuss (if you want to close business)
  • Where To Find The Most Qualified Prospects For The Best Mailing List
  • How to Avoid the Error in Mailing Which Gets 50% of Your Invitations Tossed In The Trash, Unopened!
  • How to Close Appointments Right At the Seminar Rather Than Beg for Them on the Phone the Next Day
  • How to Pack 50-60 People in the Room Every Month Even in Areas Where "Every Broker is Doing Seminars"

It’s the bullet points that make you want to know more, to take action and attend the seminar. When you can do the same on your seminar invitations for your prospects, you will have a full audience.

Each bullet point captures a “sub group.” While all of your prospects should be from a qualified list (more about that in a future article), there are groups within the list with distinct concerns.

For example, I deal with financial planners who get good seminar attendance, but do not close appointments. They would respond to the above bullet point, “How to close appointments right at the seminar.” Another sub group might be planners who get plenty of appointments, but do not have sufficient attendance. They will respond most to the bullet point, “One small change in the invitation that boosts attendance by 25%.”

Therefore, the more relevant bullet points you have, the more sub groups you will capture, the larger your seminar attendance. In fact, if I send 3000 invitations for an investor seminar, I have calculated that each bullet point is responsible for 6 buying units in attendance.

How can you learn to write bullet points like this? It will take some study, but some excellent references are:

  • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
  • Words That Bring You Riches by Ted Nicholas
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